Fixes Major Bugs in Flash Video Chat and Releases New Interface

The advent of flash video chat has taken adult entertainment to a new level altogether. has now fixed major bugs on their milf chat video service and added a new interface.

There has been enough talk of a functional milf chat service on the internet. has been one of the frontrunners in the race and they have also set the tempo on several occasions. The site has now come up with a major bug fix with the flash video player in the milf cams service. The company has also come up with systemized solutions for their old customers who were experiencing the same issue sometime back.

The managing team of the website is said to have hired a set of top web development professionals to fix the video bug that had been bothering the customers and site maintenance staff alike. The first trials after the fix have already been conducted and the users have reported zero cases of error repetition since then. Resultant, the milf webcam section is receiving new user hits once again.
Among other major changes, the interface of the website has been completely changed. Sources say that even this was brought about after a group of regular users of the site had petitioned the cause to the site authorities. The most evident result of this change in interface is visible in the mature cams section where people have shown great liking for the new interface.

The most important change in the interface, according to many is the ease with which different services can now be located across the site. This has also come across as one of the major reasons for resuming the mature webcam service that the site used to offer before. The move has been welcomed by the regulars at the site.

The milf chat section at the site has also undergone metamorphosis and the director of the bug fixing team mentioned this in her statement. She said: “it was important that we started out with the very small things were people were experiencing trouble. We did want a situation where users could flawlessly conduct video calling sessions but experience trouble in something simpler like the chat.”
“This also goes well with those who are too shy to appear in a video chat and have slow internet connections,” she asserted.

About the company is a noted adult chat and adult video calls conducting company that has just launched a new interface. To know more, users can login to